Stan Meissner

Speaker: Stan Meissner

Stan Meissner is an Australian adventurer turned photographer / filmmaker becoming known for his ability to capture high quality images across a multitude of adventure sports in remote high-risk environments.

In 2018 Stan led an unsupported kayaking and climbing expedition from the Australian mainland to Tasmania. During the 27 day crossing, their team of four established a number of first ascent rock climbs on spectacular 120m+ granite sea cliffs, and collected micro-plastic samples for the marine debris database. They became one of the youngest teams to ever cross Bass Strait via kayak, which is often referred to as Australia’s Everest of Sea Kayaking.

He has recently filmed and presented in over 50 short adventure films including “Stan’s Lockdown Adventures” where he filmed and edited 42 adventures, in 42 days all close to home during Victoria’s Stage 3 Lockdown.

Stan’s passion and enthusiasm for exploration, adventure and storytelling started from a very young age and continues to drive him in new pursuits on land, sea, and even in the air via paragliding.

He has more annual expeditions planned, while continuing weekly adventures close to home in Victoria’s High Country. His ability across multiple sporting disciplines combined with his passion for photography provides unlimited opportunities to film and document in high-risk, difficult to access environments in remote corners of Australia and the globe.


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