Survive the Ride workshop

Building skills as preparation for an adventure

The team from Survive the Ride have been educating riders for more than 20 years through workshops, seminars and bike shows.

Going beyond what Learners are taught at the very beginning of their riding journey, STR consolidates roadcraft; awareness; breaking bad habits; interpreting road and weather conditions; and transitioning from road to off-road riding.

If your dream is to ride around the world or simply ride around your state, the challenges of breaking through your comfort zone become easier with proper preparation.

We look honestly at reducing your personal risks – acknowledging the little mistakes you make and making a plan to avoid them in the future to minimise the chance of repair bills, medical bills and fines.

We invite ALL rider levels to attend the workshop so that the newer riders can learn from the more experienced world riders.

Facilitating the workshop are three riders who have a wealth of experience on a wide range of motorcycles from the 1970’s to today’s techno rockets.  Stephan, an ex NSW Police pursuit rider; Dave, an ex riding instructor and historic bike racer and; Milan, an engineer who has ridden extensively throughout Europe and Australia. Their passion is riding and helping others prepare themselves to enjoy the ride wherever the road or the track may take them.

Join us on Sunday to discuss how to develop the riding skills, create the motorcycle of your choice and start your adventure on 2 wheels.

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Speakers, Bright 2020: