The Drugstore Cowboys

The Drugstore Cowboys will play at the Adventure Travel Film Festival

Saturday Night Band: The Drugstore Cowboys

Primarily the band reflect their love of authentic country and rockabilly roots, adding their own recipe of eclectic ingredients.
A healthy portion of classic 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, a chunk of 60’s garage punk and sunshine surf before taking it all the way down south with a hint of Tex-Mex tempered with some real gone blues.

The Drugstore Cowboys live set is never predictable, blending their self-penned repertoire with the craziest cover versions you’ll ever hear. The Rolling Stones, Kenny Rogers and even Guns ‘n ‘ Roses have been re-imagined Drugstore Cowboys style.

Expect the unexpected and a high energy show from rowdy roots rockers ‘The DRUGSTORE COWBOYS!

Sideshows, Cotswolds 2021: