The Longer Way Down

115 Days, 21 Countries, 17002 Miles. Heartbreak, elation, anger, relief, disgust, romance. Not a novel you’d read on the toilet, but two 24 year olds on a journey down the west coast of Africa in one of overlanding’s finest: a 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser (lightly rusted) with a backseat full of books to distribute on the way.

James Fleming and Jack Scott set out on a journey by road from the Orkney Islands in Scotland to Harare, Zimbabwe, to prove that overlanding is achievable with the bare minimum in equipment and budget. Armed with a tenuous grasp of the French language, a JetBoil and a self-installed snorkel, the two faced everything from corrupt government officials to cracked suspension housing in a post-COVID road-trip of a lifetime.

Join them as they talk through their route, stretching across Europe, through the Sahara Desert, into the mighty Congo Rainforest and out the other side, turning left at the famed Skeleton Coast of Namibia and experiencing Botswana’s immense wildlife en route to Zimbabwe and home.


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