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My Expedition is a tagalong business created by Glen and Wal to help people confidently and safely visit and experience places across Australia they have dreamt about, whether they are just around the corner, in the next state or across the continent.

Providing guided self-drive tours through the outback, over the high country, across the top end, around Tasmania or into the deserts, My Expedition has the experience to create your dream adventure.

In 2015 Glen was asked if he could create a trip as follows:

Dream:    To celebrate both the 50th anniversary of the Leyland brothers crossing of the Australian mainland and the formation of the Land Rover Owners Club (Sydney Branch) Inc.

Create:    With the starting point, the destination and the end date decided, an itinerary started to evolve.

Explore:   And then the adventure began on a 31 day drive across the centre of Australia from the most westerly point of the mainland to the most easterly point; Steep Point to Cape Byron.

On 21 July 2016, 20 Adults in 11 vehicles set off to cross the country on what was for some an opportunity never to be repeated and the trip of a lifetime. Across states and territory, through desert sands and from one ocean to another the intrepid travellers set their sights eastward to finish on 20 August 2016, the same day as the Leyland’s 50 years earlier.



Australia: West to East Expedition 2016 – A 50th Anniversary Celebration.


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