Walking for Genna


Walking for Genna

“Genna”, the Ethiopian Christmas takes place on the night of the 6th of January. For the Christians in this country, this is an important moment of bliss. During the weeks running up to that particular night, pilgrims from all corners of the country, start on a journey that will take them to a place where the celebration is the most grandiose: Lalibela, the Ethiopian Jerusalem.

Two Belgians, Frédéric and Olivier, set out from the Northern part of the Simien mountains on a 23 day walk and become privileged witnesses of this walk of faith. Their march takes them through stunning landscapes in very remote parts of the country. They stray off the beaten track to connect the Simien mountains to Lalibela by foot.

For Frédéric, a first timer in Ethiopia, the beauty of the land is a revelation. For Olivier who has been there 35 times already, it is a testimony to his unadulterated love of the country where chance encounters and unpredictable weather rule.

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Frédéric Furnelle and Olivier Bourguet




52 mins


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