Infinite Wonder of Africa Photographic Exhibition

Infinite Wonder of Africa Photographic Exhibition,  Xander Kabat

Africa was called “The Dark Continent” in Henry Stanley’s 1878 travelogue, describing it as an unexplored, unknown and “Savage” place. Xander Kabat spent 11 months traveling the length of the west coast, discovering that Africa is anything but “dark and savage”. Exhibiting for the first time in Western Australia, join Xander as he takes you through a photographic journey across a continent of friendly people vibrant colours, magnificent beauty and Infinite Wonder. From epic landscapes and stunning people to amazing animals and cultures, this exhibition will awaken the wanderlust that lives in our hearts.

Photography is science that meets art. Photographers need a keen eye, artistic ability, and good hand eye coordination. They need to be serious and dedicated to the art. Xander has none of these qualities. He is a DRD4-7R -gene over expressor that refuses to resign to maturity. He is constantly on the search for new and is more comfortable outside his comfort zone than in it.

Xander has travelled to every continent and has hiked, and ridden motorcycles around the world from the mountains of Nepal to Alaska to Antarctica. Xander is always amazed at the beauty and wonder of this delicate planet we live on and tries to capture it. He uses his photography to share his sense of wonder and amazement, to show that people all over the world are the same, and the world is worth exploring.

Infinite Wonder of Africa Photographic Exhibition will be open and free to the public for the duration of the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

20 – 22 March 2020

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This exhibition is generously sponsored by Midland Camera House

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