1. Can I bring my camper van / boat / articulated lorry / milk float?

Yes you can! But please note there are no hook-ups for camper vans anywhere on site. Also, the venue is situated within the Low Emission Zone so depending on the vehicle, you may have to pay an extra charge to come. Check out the tfl website. We can’t be held responsible for any charges you may incur.

2. Can I bring my dog?

Sorry. No dogs allowed on site at all. The venue are very strict about this so please don’t bring your bitch or pocket the pooch. Fido stays at home.

3. I’m interested in being a vendor. What do I do?

Check out our vendors page with more details. Basically it’s very simple: buy vendor tickets, come along and sell your stuff!

4. What facilities are there on site?

There are loads of flushing loos in the school buildings, some chemical loos nearer to the camping fields plus taps dotted around the site. There’s a dedicated washing-up spot (though the queues can get busy at certain times of day). AND there are showers with hot water (we’re working on getting better water pressure…!)

5. What things should I pack?

Here’s a list of things you might find useful:

  • yoga mat (for yoga in the morning)
  • swimsuit (the pool is open)
  • chair and blanket for the outdoor starlight screenings
  • torch
  • cash (for food, paid workshops and goodies from the vendor stalls)

No need to bring booze: there’s a bar on site selling all kinds of things from prosecco to pale ale.

6. If I buy a day ticket can I camp overnight?

Sorry, no. Day tickets don’t include camping but you are welcome to stay until after the starlight screening in the evening.

7. What food options are there?

We have a whole page dedicated to food and drink so please check it out. Basically we recommend that you purchase meal tickets in advance or on arrival at the HQ tent for meals in the dining hall, otherwise there’s a BBQ on Saturday lunchtime and sandwiches in the Indoor Cafe and that’s pretty much it. Meals in the dining hall are delicious and filling so well worth it.