Scotland FAQ

General Queries

What should I bring?

  • Your own towel
  • Your own tent and bedding if you’re camping
  • A re-usable plastic coffee mug / pint glass for drinks
  • A torch
  • Cash plus contactless payment card
  • Tons of enthusiasm and your best friendly smile!

Can I buy a single-day ticket instead of the whole weekend?

No, sorry, the Adventure Travel Film Festival Scotland is a whole-weekend residential event only. We’re all in this together!

Can I buy a ticket that doesn’t include meals?

No, sorry, all tickets include all six meals. Strathallan School is in a beautiful rural location with nowhere nearby to buy food, and there’s no cooking in the campsite, so we need to be sure that nobody’s left hungry!

What’s your policy re smoking?

Strathallan School is a fully non-smoking campus. There is one designated outdoor smoking area provided, where you may smoke or vape. There’s no smoking or vaping anywhere else (including the grounds/campsite).

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, as long as they’re under your direct supervision at all times. Please bear in mind that there are no activities specifically designed for children, so younger ones in particular may not enjoy themselves. Also, all children will need their own festival ticket. Please note that our films have generally not been classified by the BBFC, and we can’t guarantee they are suitable for under-18s.

Do you have discounted tickets for children / students / pensioners etc?

No, sorry, because of our own fixed costs and limited number of seats, we can’t offer discounted tickets.

Can I bring my dog / cat / pet alligator?

No, sorry, no pets are allowed

ATFF Scotland FAQ

Accommodation: Bedrooms

What does a single bedroom include?

A single bed, including sheets, duvet and one pillow. Please bring your own additional pillow(s) if you need more than one. Please remember to bring your own towel, as towels are not provided.

Do the single bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms?

No, but single-sex bathrooms are provided within the boarding house, close to the bedrooms.

Accommodation: Camping

What kind of tent can I bring?

Please bring a compact hiking-style tent, rather than a giant auto-tent, as our camping area is not enormous!

Can I park my car or motorbike on the grass next to my tent?

No, sorry, to protect the landscaped grounds, no vehicles can be parked on the grass. We’ll provide a nearby parking area for motorcycles. Some cars may be parked further away, but you’ll be able to drop off your tent and kit at the camping area. If you need assistance with your bags, our lovely volunteers can help. (If you’re a blue badge holder needing disabled parking, please let us know when you book your ticket.)

Can I bring a campervan to sleep in?

Yes you can. Please note that campervans will be parked in a car park on hard standing, so you won’t be able to put up an awning / gazebo etc. Also, there won’t be any electric hook-ups available.

Can I bring a caravan to sleep in?

No, sorry, our parking space is limited and we don’t have room for cars with caravans.

Can I do my own cooking in the campsite?

No, sorry, no fire at all is allowed in the campsite – so this means NO campfires, camping stoves, portable BBQs etc.

Are there washing facilities?

Yes, showers are available in the sports facilities and boarding house.

Food and Drink

I have special dietary requirements, will the food be suitable?

When you buy your ticket, you can tell us if you’re vegetarian/vegan. We’ll make sure there’s at least one vegan-friendly option at every meal. (We can’t guarantee to have separate vegan and vegetarian options though). When you buy your ticket, you can also tell us about any allergies. We’ll discuss these with the catering department and get in touch if they foresee any problems.

Can I get snacks between meals if I get hungry?

Yes, our Festival Shop will have a range of snacks available.

Will there be a bar?

Yes, we’ll have a range of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks available in the afternoon and evening.

Can I bring my own alcohol or other drinks?

Selling drinks at our Festival Bar helps us make the event financially viable, so we’d be very grateful if you’d buy your drinks from us rather than bringing them in. Our bar prices will be reasonable! If you do need to bring some supplies with you, please bring cans or plastic bottles – no glass bottles or jars should be brought on site.

Do I need to bring cash for the shop and bar?

We plan to have contactless payment devices available for our shop and bar – but yes, we suggest bringing some cash too, just in case we’re unlucky enough to have a Bad Technology Day! (You know what it’s like…)

Travel and Transport

Where is Strathallan School?

Go here to see it on a map.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, parking is free for motorbikes, cars and campervans. You can specify what vehicle you’re bringing when you buy your festival ticket. This helps us with our parking area planning.

I’m not bring a vehicle, how do I get there?

Go here to see your transport options from the city of Perth to Forgandenny.