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We wanna see your films! But before you start stuffing that DVD in a jiffy bag, have a quick read of the following points to make sure your film is suitable for the festival. 


  • Interesting, unusual, independently-made travel documentaries by any means of transport. We are particularly interested in travel outside of the developed world. Shorts and full-length features are welcome.
  • Any vintage travel documentaries, regardless of location or means of transport
  • Films made by the people who undertook the journey
  • We are particularly fond of goofy films with a human touch


  • Films made of you on holiday in exotic locations doing adventurous things
  • Films made basically in one town or province
  • Skiing, running, triathlons, marathons etc. unless, you ran across a massive country!
  • Extreme sports and adrenaline junkie stunts
  • Films that simply showcase how beautiful and interesting a country is but are un-authored and storyless
  • Commissioned TV programmes
  • Any production made by a film crew or a third party
  • Films longer than 70 minutes (give or take)

These aren’t hard and fast rules and we are always open to ideas. So if you think your film fits the bill please fill in the form. If you prefer to send a DVD by post please see the Cotswolds Contact page for the postal address.

We accept submissions all year round and usually make the selection by the end of December for the following year. You can make a submission at any time by filling in the form. Any films submitted before 1st December 2022 will be considered for the Cotswolds 2023 festival. We will contact you in early 2023 to let you know if your film has been chosen for the 2023 festival.

The Australian festival usually shows the same selection as the UK festival the following February, ie. the UK 2023 selection will be shown in Australia in 2024.

Please read our privacy policy to see what we do with your data. Thanks!

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